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Nowadays, photo booths have become a necessity in all kinds of parties. They do not just capture the fun memories of the occasion; they also serve as souvenirs to the event. There are a lot of photo booth companies right now in the industry. For all your photo booth and mirror booth rental needs, trust only one name in the industry- Fototastic Events.


We make all your events fun and memorable through our photo booth services. We take your events to the next level through our professional photo both tech. We are committed to providing the best photo booth service in Boca Raton, Florida. With us, we guarantee your next event will be the most unforgettable one!

About Us
We are one of the pioneers of the photo booth industries. That’s why we always create more innovative ways to capture those fun parties. We elevate your photo booth experience to a level that will bring your party to the highest level of fun and creativity.


We invested in the latest technology and modern cameras in photo booth entertainment that will surely leave your guests in awe. Capture all those laughter as you watch your guests have the time of their lives!

Pose in a Mirror, then voila!
Fototastic Events gets rid of all the annoying aspects of a mirror selfie. We take the mirror selfie to the next level!


Fototastic Events offers the mirror both rental services. All you have to do is just pose into the mirror- alone or with your friends- and let the mirror snap those beautiful shots for you! You don’t need to wait for long hours to share your photos to the world, as you can do it instantly with our mirror booth. Share your photos to your social media accounts and get those numbers of likes increasing.

We also provide fun, topical signs and props for your guests to pose with. We can also work on the background to fit your occasion. Our mirror booth also provides retakes. You can accept or reject your shots- totally in just a press of a finger! You can also sign, draw and write directly on the mirror to put an accent to your photos!

Let’s make your party more special!

Give us a call today and let’s make your party more special! For all your photo booth and mirror booth rental needs, trust only Fototastic Events!

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